Thursday, June 30, 2011

so i was unclogging up the toilet today

i ran 5 fucking kilometers today. it wasn't as serious, though, as my bathroom problem. my flush is ass deep broken, i had to take a dump, and the sink was clogged. so i closed my eyes and reached in deep.

and then i sat on my glasses and chipped the tip of it. life is so fucking amazing.

life rocks! specially in the chocolate city!

now i have two styes in my eye. ain't no fucking joke, dr. seuss. JESUS HEAL THESE MOTHERFUCKERS! THEY'RE IMPAIRING MY VISION!

what else is so fucking great about my life? huh? hmmm, let's see. oh.

that's not me, but that's one hell of a cute fucking baby.

what a wittle bunny wabbit.

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